Knee Replacement In Fredericksburg TXf

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Knee Replacement In Fredericksburg TXf

If you're looking for a safe, genuine, and proper knee replacement in Fredericksburg, TX, then you can rely on Phillips Orthopedic Associates to receive the services you deserve.

When should you consider a knee replacement?

Knee replacement involves removing all or part of your knee joint and replacing the enfeebling parts with a prosthetic knee. A prosthetic knee is actually an artificial part that substitutes the damaged cartilage and bone to relieve the suffering individual from pain and disability. It may take a few months to recuperate fully, but the relief will last many years or even a lifetime depending on the quality of your new knee.

You might be wondering when is the right time to have a knee replacement, and we’ve got the information you need. A professional orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Phillips will help you determine if it's time to get a new knee. However, when you experience the following symptoms, you should consider a knee replacement immediately:

  • Pain that interrupts sleep
  • Pain that limits your daily activities
  • Medication, using a cane and physical therapy no longer relieve the pain
  • Severe knee pain during and after exercise or while resting
  • Stiff and swollen knees

Benefits of knee replacement

According to the American Osteopathic Association, almost 90% of people who undergo a knee replacement in the United States never experience chronic pain after recovery. If you’re experiencing severe strain on your knee, you might be considering knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, you aren't sure how your new knee will benefit you.

The secret is that, if you choose a professional and reliable orthopedic surgeon to perform your knee replacement in Fredericksburg, TX, you'll experience enormous improvements on your knee. The following are a few benefits you’ll enjoy after a proper knee replacement:

  • Pain relief
  • Improve your mobility
  • High success and satisfaction rate
  • No more painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, etc.

The best knee replacement services near you

We offer top-quality and praiseworthy orthopedic services for patients in Fredericksburg, Texas drawing our excellent reputation around Texas and beyond the borders. Dr. Paul Phillips III strives to ensure each patient who visits our facility receives the best possible treatment for orthopedic and sports injuries.

Dr. Phillips attends the patients from Tuesday to Thursday and performs the surgeries on Monday and Fridays. With his experience, knowledge, and competency in the orthopedic industry, you can rest assured of getting a remarkable knee replacement surgery that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Get a proper knee replacement

Are you considering a knee replacement in Fredericksburg, TX? If yes, congratulations on making such a life-changing decision. The good news is that our specialists are here to provide you with the proper prosthetic implant that’s rare to find anywhere else in Texas.

If you're suffering from a knee disorder that doesn't tolerate medication or physical therapy, worry no more because the Phillips Orthopedic Associates facility is here to help you. Contact us and request an appointment with Dr. Phillips.  

Knee Replacement In Fredericksburg TXf
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